This is a reminder to all leather workers that the schedule for the 2019 Royal Easter Show is now available online through the RAS website.

This year there is a novice class which is open only to exhibitors who have not won a first prize in a similar class at a previous Royal Easter Show.  This is a real encouragement for all to submit their work.

Check the details for entry dates and conditions on the schedule.

Click here for the schedule.

Click here to nominate.

The Guild was officially established in November 1981 to promote, develop and advance leather work and encourage a sharing of ideas, skills and resources. We are a not-for-profit organisation and our aim is to provide an informative platform for all people with an interest in leather craft to gain more expertise and enjoyment with the help of our newsletters, workshops, demonstrations, open days and classes. Each year we hold our popular beginners’ course to show the range of techniques that can be used with leather as well as valuable tips on where to buy tools, dyes and leather.


Following the Beginner’s Workshop in February 2016, we were delighted to receive this testimonial from one of the students.

….The guild members present over the 2 days were not only full of decades of combined knowledge, but also a willingness to share every tip, trick and experience with you. There was never a feeling of any “commercial” motive and, after completing the course, I genuinely wonder how they do it for such a low fee. The course pricing is definitely within reach of all but the tightest of budgets and I think the results speak for themselves as EVERY member of our 2 day course joined the guild, which basically means I get to see this amazing group of crazy like minded people again!

Over the two days the tutors/guild members were not only more than happy to listen to how we felt leather work could be brought into our own lives, but as new guild members beginning our journey, they were asking us what we wanted from the Guild in regards to leather craft classes to complement our other interests!.

Steeped in history, skills and tradition, yet open minded to progression, I would offer any endorsement to the Leather Workers Guild of NSW. I am now proud to be a member, hopefully we see you at the next workshop!

John Mantle, Guild member with L plates and a Mallet